Friday, April 18, 2014

Downtown Jumper

I was particularly excited to post this outfit, because my husband was the one who took the pictures this time!  He's always had a knack for photography, he's very creative and the composition comes so easily for him.  The funny thing is, it was actually difficult for me to invite him into my blogging process.  I find that it's hardest to include the people closest to me in the areas I care about deeply in my life.  They could make or break me with how they treat that access.  What if he thinks what I love is stupid, ridiculous, pathetic, or not good enough?  I couldn't handle that, it would be devastating.  However, having someone critique me who I have given very limited access to my heart?  No problem.  But when it comes to the man who has my heart, who I cherish every word of what he thinks of me and what I value?  Terrifying.  
In the heart of every woman is a question.  Am I beautiful?  Am I valuable?  Am I worth fighting for?  Many of us live in a way that doesn't allow those closest to us to ever answer that question.  Part of us would die inside if the answer wasn't what we yearn to hear.  It is risky to open that door, but having the love of your life care, partner with and validate your passions and identity even though they are wired differently than you is a euphoric experience.  One that ties you together at a whole new level.


Photos by Joey Brooks

Denim jacket: Lucky Brand
Travel pouch: Rebecca Minkoff
Heels: Charles Jourdan

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