Friday, July 4, 2014

Brave & Free.

Happy 4th!

In honor of this day being about independence and breaking free, I thought it'd be fun to talk about the top 4 things that have given me freedom in my life.  Some may seem obvious, but they are life changing!

1.  Forgiveness.  
Take the time to think about anything you're holding against someone else and let it go.  Unforgiveness holds you back and poisons you inside.  What you focus on shapes your life.  Forgiving doesn't justify someone's actions against you.  It is the conscious choice to let go of your need to see someone punished for what they've done, to genuinely wish them the best and remember that you've hurt people too and need grace for your life as well.  You may need to forgive yourself.  Many of us retain regrets that hold us back.

2.  Be thankful.
I dare you to think of 10 things you're thankful for every morning for the next week and see how it affects your mood, thoughts and actions.  We don't always realize how much time we spend pouring over the lack in our lives, what we don't have and what we want to change.  Pondering what we do have and what we love is extremely freeing.

3.  Remembering our true identity.
There are countless things many of us believe about ourselves that simply aren't true.  That negative self-talk needs to be called out and kicked to the curb!  Ask the 3 people closest to you (not your family) to tell you what they think of when they think of you.  What do they see as your strengths?  The awesome traits you're known for?  The best things they see in you that you may not recognize in yourself or even realize you're good at?  Write down what they say and actually dare to believe it.  Embrace it.  Read it every day and remember your true identity and how amazing you are.

4.  Stop hiding.
Secrets, manipulation, lies and deceptions are all destroyers of your freedom.  Live your life in the open with those you love.  Let them see your good, bad and ugly.  Be courageous and vulnerable, brave and honest about yourself and give your friends and family the chance to love all of you.  It will set you free.

I hope you enjoy my posts and have a wonderful holiday.  Thanks for reading!


Photos by Joey Brooks

Dress: Mango
Leather jacket: Zara (similar here and here)
Cross body: Coach (similar here)

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