Monday, July 21, 2014


When I look back on it, moving away from my hometown for a few years was a great growth process for me.  Growing up, I always felt like the odd man out and misunderstood when I expressed myself.  I loved to wear whatever caught my fancy, I remember layering 3 skirts on top of each other when I was 7 because they were my favorites - and how can you wear only one of your favorite skirts at a time?  I'd say it was after 8th grade I got tired of standing out, I didn't want my creative quirkiness to be rejected anymore, I was over the confused stares and feeling different so I decided to wear my own version of what everyone else seemed to like.  I don't think I ever pulled off fitting in though.  Fast-forward several years later (after getting my A.A.), I moved away from my hometown and that really helped me come into myself and rediscover what I loved and what was me and just forget about what was not.  I have come so far in embracing and actually liking what makes me unique and stand out, whether those characteristics are widely accepted or not.  I love encouraging and empowering others in their own self expression too.  Discover who your are apart from people's expectations and stereotypes and embrace it!  There is only one you with your personality, gift mix, style, and thought process, and the people around you desperately need what you, and only you, have to offer.  

Have a lovely week.

Photos by Jenna Magill

Tee: American Eagle Outfitters (similar here)
Sandals: Via Spiga (similar here)
Sunglasses: Warby Parker (similar here)

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  1. I can't wear my kimono (one of my favorite items in my closet) without getting at least three snide comments. Thanks for the inspiration to ignore the negativity and wear what I want because I enjoy it!