Saturday, September 20, 2014

September Stripes

September is finally here!
I love the spring and fall transition months when change is in the air, the breeze picks up and you can feel the movement.  If only it could feel like this all year long!
With this look I paired some edgy cutout booties with summer stripes and a classic leather satchel to give me that September vibe.  Dressing in transitional months is all about pairing warm weather staples with cool weather ones, to create that unpredictable look that I love.
I've been dreaming (night time dreams) about starting up classes back in school, which is funny because I haven't taken any classes in more than a year and I don't usually have those dreams unless I'm actually in school.  In every dream it's an advanced class that I'm slightly daunted by but know I can push through it if I work hard.  I'm pretty into dream interpretation and I know that dreams are very symbolic, so metaphorically speaking I know my dreams are hinting at me starting some advanced "life" classes that I need to pass that might seem like a big challenging lesson but if I work at it I can do it.  I'm looking forward to seeing how these lessons play out and what they look like, but at least I know what to keep an eye out for!  
Dream life is so interesting.  I encourage you to write down and date any dreams that feel significant and think about them symbolically.  It's fascinating and encouraging all at the same time. 

Have a great weekend!


Photos by Joey Brooks

Satchel: Rib & Hull
Booties: Plomo

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