Saturday, November 22, 2014


I have wanted to get a henna tattoo for as long as I can remember!  And I suppose 26 isn't too late to try one... I was with my family in Poway (near San Diego) this week and took full advantage of a lady offering them at the flea market.  Henna designs are just so exotic-looking I had to clash the details with an edgier look to have a unique balance.

I feel like one of the best parts about growing up and maturing is learning to care less and less what people think of me.  Although I will always value the opinions of those in my inner circle, I find that I have learned to let go at a higher level than ever before the fear of what someone else may think of how I look, my relationships, my marriage, my job, what I drive, what I like to do with my free time...  It is incredibly freeing!  I have the suspicion that I've barely tapped into how healthily uninhibited of a life I can live.  Growing up homeschooled until I was 16, part of me genuinely didn't care what others thought of how I chose to dress and carry myself in general because I experienced a lot less peer pressure than those who went through the public and private school system.  To a certain extent, I always did my own thing.  But the common stereotype I found myself fighting against was the view people had of homeschoolers being weird, boring, socially awkward and uncomfortably nerdy.  Although I never fit that mold, I didn't realize it at the time but I made an inner vow to prove them wrong that I would never be boring, or too weird and awkward.  But honestly, spending so much time and energy making choices trying not to show certain characteristics instead of just embracing myself is draining.  Often we get stuck in cycles like that where we buy into an idea without realizing it and that belief is keeping us from being a freer, happier person.  I know it sounds so simple, but I have been practicing consciously being ok with embracing the awkward moments and feeling boring and unentertaining, taking advantage of those opportunities where I'd rather stay home and relax by myself than go out with my friends.  Because that's real life.  I can't be "turned on" 24/7 worrying about what others think of me.  It's exhausting!

I hope you're having a great weekend, thanks for stopping by! 

Photos by Joey Brooks

Leather jacket: Zara (similar here)
Tee: Madewell
Booties: Madewell (similar here)
Handbag: Rebecca Minkoff (similar here)


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