Thursday, September 3, 2015

Denim Dancer

I've been on the hunt over a year for the perfect oversized, super light blue denim jacket.  And finally I found this baby at Urban Outfitters!  I'm so happy I held out and didn't settle for any that weren't exactly what I was looking for.  I feel like as I get older I've become increasingly more selective when it comes to purchases.  This could be because I have practically no room in my closet after years of collecting my favorite staples (ahem, especially footwear), or it could be chalked up to the fact that I'm more comfortable embracing my personal style, and I don't waste money on items that don't suit me anymore.  But of course I love to try new ideas and trends, I just spin them into my own version of how I would wear it, avoiding items that don't flatter my body type.  

The look for this post was definitely street-dancer inspired.  I started catching up on Season 12 of So You Think You Can Dance (one of my all-time favorite shows!) and I am blown away all over again at how much emotion and energy dance awakens in me! Not only am I temped to break out into wild movement every time an inspiring dancer finishes their performance, but I can even feel myself breathing more deeply when I experience someone pouring out their heart on stage.  It's as though I get a glimpse into a world of 10-dimensions when I'm so used to walking around daily in 3.  Very few things make me feel like that.  And when they bring children out to dance with their fathers, mothers or teachers??  I die.  I find myself laughing and crying all at the same time!  There is something so meaningful and supernatural about witnessing that special connection.  I truly believe that there is a higher level of existence that is accessed when you invest your heart, time and efforts into someone else to make them great.  We were meant not only to receive but to give away.  It's a cycle, a circle that must keep looping if we are to live a fulfilling life.   I absolutely love that I can turn on an episode of So You Think You Can Dance and be reminded of the things that matter in life.  

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Photos by Megan Walton

Top: Forever 21
Denim jacket: Urban Renewal
Backpack: Rebecca Minkoff (similar here!)
Sneakers: Nike 

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