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I am a people watcher.  I spend a significant amount of time simply observing the world around me.  For some reason, I have always noticed things that many others don't, especially when it comes to details that tell me more about who a person's true identity is.  Here's what I'm talking about...

I've noticed that the things people love - and I'm talking about the things they've loved since they were little - dancing, colors, Disney characters, flowers, places, animals, etc.  These details tell me who they really are and reveal the treasures inside that make them unique.  So I'm going to teach you how to see these things in your own life so you can be able to identify on a whole new level what your identity and purpose is, and that you are so uniquely designed and are unlike any other person that exists. There are so many things that set you apart and make you amazing, believe me.

Let's start with colors.  What's been your favorite color since you were little?  Have you ever looked up what the color symbolizes and means?  My favorite color has always been blue - a deep, indigo/cobalt blue.  Blue is a peaceful, calm, relaxing and rejuvinating color.  It is known to represent wisdom, justice, and a deep mind that sees beyond the normal senses.  All those characteristics are very much who I am.  It seems so simple, but I encourage you to look up the meanings of your favorite color and see how it relates to your identity.  Colors, as with objects and anything you love and makes you come alive, is just one example of how you can love anything, but why do you love this one thing so much?? You could love any color out there!  But why blue? Why yellow? What does this love tell about your identity?

How about animals?  Have you ever looked up the symbolism of your favorite animal?  Most of us have a few favorites, and each of them actually tell us about ourselves.  Remember, we could love any animal out there, but why do very specific ones stand out to us?  My favorites are dolphins, peacocks, and hamsters.  What are these animals known for? You don't even have to look up the symbolism to start thinking metaphorically.  Dolphins are known for their intelligence, and their ease in playing and navigating both deep underwater and performing tricks above water.  Symbolically, they might represent a person who is talented and intelligent, but has alot of depth and easily can navigate deep topics and concepts that others may have a hard time grasping.  Let's take a peacock, they are known for their phenomenal colors and design.  They could represent someone who's very creative.  They are also known as being a substitute for watch dogs, since people use them to protect their property.  A peacock can see danger from far away and has a loud call that alerts others of the incoming threat.  They're also known for killing venomous snakes - snakes can represent lies.  Someone who loves peacocks are probably very creative, watchful and protective, and are able to tell when someone is being dishonest or a situation isn't trustworthy, which is called discernment.  And what are hamsters known for?  Well besides being cute... They are known for storing food in their cheeks - an excessive amount of it too!  They collect it and take it to their nest where it's stored for when they need it.  And what could that symbolize?  Someone who collects sustenance - information, anything they find valuable that feeds them and gives them life - is like a hamster, storing the sustenance and things of importance to feed them (and others) later!  So what are your favorite animals?  Start thinking about what they're known for and practice thinking metaphorically to see what they tell about you!

Jenna Brooks 2010
Another way to understand your purpose more would be to take something that is beautiful - say, the ocean.  And then ask yourself, "how do I naturally interact with this beauty?" This answer will tell a lot about how you are wired.  There are so many ways you can interact with the ocean.  You can fish, swim, surf, sit on the beach playing guitar, hang glide over it, take pictures of it, scuba dive, kayak, and sail on it, take a walk with your dog next to it, the possibilities are endless.  My preference would be to take photos of sunsets, and sit or walk along the untamed water to take in the smells, air, colors, coolness and enjoy an overall observation experience.  So what does that tell about me?  It tells me that I love to interact with beauty by appreciating details and soaking in what my 5 senses are telling me.  The fact that I love to take pictures of it would show me that I like to capture thoughts and concepts to store for later or document, that my experiences are an investment for my life later, so that I can relive them.  My husband would be the type who wants to swim, surf or fish in the ocean.  He wants to experience it first hand, not only observe the details.  He wants to get down and dirty and immerse himself in the beauty.  And that's exactly how he lives his life - by living in the moment, experiencing the thrill, grime, adrenaline and wonder first hand, even if it's risky, inconvenient or dangerous.  How would you interact with something you find beautiful?

What was your favorite cartoon character, superhero, or Disney character growing up?  You love the things you love for a reason!  Think of what that character represents and what they're known for.  My favorite Disney character growing up was Belle from Beauty and the Beast.  What was she known for?  She helped the beast remember who he was and brought him back to life and into his true identity as a prince.  She also recognized the greatness and special attributes of every teapot, spoon, and piece of furniture she met along the way.  She helped the characters understand their purpose.  And that is what I love to do too.  I could've been all about Princess Jasmine or Ariel, but Belle was always my favorite.  Do you think that's an accident?  There's something inside of us that is drawn towards what makes us come alive, and we are pulled towards things that reflect what's inside of us, whether we realize it or not.  My favorite superhero growing up was Batman.  What's he known for?  Justice and protecting those who can't defend themselves.  I also have a huge heart for things being fair, for justice and for standing up for what's right.  So what's your favorite movie or cartoon character?

Acrylic by Ashley Funk
There are also other things you could love that may not seem so positive - maybe you have an obsession with skulls or something that may appear negative.  In this instance you would pay attention to the positive side of this seemingly negative object.  Skulls usually represent death.  But someone who loves skulls would probably be someone who is an overcomer, someone who has overcome many hard things in life and is a fighter and would die for a cause.  What about zombies? They're known for killing and infecting humans and being hard to kill... They are like the living dead, and I'm sure they'd rather be fully dead.  But someone who loves zombies is probably someone who is meant to come fully alive, wake up and know who they truly are.  

I hope these thoughts open your eyes to see how amazing and unique you are, and show you new purpose and meaning to your life.  It's so important to know who you are and what you have to offer, we need you to be who you are meant to be!  Because if you don't come fully alive we are going to miss out on what you have to offer, we are incomplete without you.

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