Saturday, July 13, 2013

Leopard Neutrals

I'm a huge fan of maintaining a natural beauty look while adding fun pops of details, textures and colors here and there. This week I kept it breezy and casual but spiced my look up with a leopard clutch. It's such an easy way to add something interesting into your look without having to coordinate much. For my closet, I like to invest in quality staples and a few versatile statement pieces, such as this clutch. But these items can be expensive, and my deal is that I rarely pay full price for anything, so here's my secret... 
I figure out exactly what items I want ahead of time and keep a hawk's eye out on eBay for someone to post that item for a deal. I can't tell you how many sellers use a handbag one time in a photo shoot and post it on eBay afterwards. And how about those gorgeous shoes you see on the mannequin in the window at a designer boutique? Well I see them on eBay at half price or less when they change out that mannequin's outfit. Designers also have "sample sales" where they sell next season's clothes and accessories for a steal before they mass produce them. Thrifty shoppers pick them up at these sales (often in L.A., New York and San Francisco) and list them on eBay for you to make an offer and get them for a fraction of the cost they'll be when they officially come out next season! It definitely takes some research, but this is how I get many of the items I can't afford. Then I resell them later on eBay myself for usually the same price or more than what I bought them for and bid on another deal. Other than eBay, I find crazy deals on Hautelook (a Nordstrom site) and Gilt. They post deals of the day for amazing prices! The key is to know what you're looking for, research what it usually sells for, and keep an eye out for it to be on sale.

Happy Saturday! xx
I love a white shirt with some texture. It can be paired with almost anything but still adds something interesting to the eye.
My ombre hair is the easiest style to maintain ever. All I did was grow out my natural hair color and kept adding highlights every few months so the ombre would have a more natural beachy look.
Every girl needs a pair of nude sandals. I am obsessed with these ones, I found them on eBay for a steal! They were a designer store return that couldn't officially be sold as "new" so they listed them online.
Photography by Amy Vafacoffman

Clutch: Clare Vivier
Boyfriend Jeans: Genetic Denim
Sandals: Rebecca Minkoff
Necklace: Forever 21

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