Monday, October 14, 2013

Farmer's Market

I love fresh, local fruits and veggies.  Most cities have a farmer's market 1-2 times a week where local farmer's come sell the produce they just picked.  If you've never been to one, look up the time and location in your area, head over and bring some cash!  You don't know what a real tomato tastes like until you try one that's organic, ripe and local.  I don't even waste my time at corporate supermarkets anymore because the difference in taste is so drastic, and the prices are hardly different.  In the era of GMO's (food that's been genetically altered) and pesticides, I cannot stress enough how healthy and delicious it is to shop from local vendors and eat what's organically in season.  I know that shopping for organic food can be more expensive, but the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen is a great list of what you should definitely buy organic and what is coated with the most pesticides.  Farmer's markets are an experience of vibrant colors, food, flowers, and fun knick knacks.  You don't know how many different species of garlic and onions there are until you shop seasonally...  I just stocked up on butternut squash to make some autumn-inspired soup.  Love it!

Mint that tastes like licorice, who knew?
Purple bell peppers.  Gorgeous.
This makes me want to start my own herb garden.
Fresh-picked dahlias, sigh.
Farmer's markets make me feel eclectic, so it was definitely a day to mix prints.
I'm a little obsessed with my Heirloom Mini cross-body bag from Rib & Hull that I recently picked up at their sale.  It's made of rich, durable cognac leather that will last for years.
I'm so happy plaid is back.  I loved it in the 90's and I'm enjoying it's warm, laid back style now!

Have a great week.

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