Saturday, October 12, 2013

Season Change

Fall is in the air!  
Do you feel the season change?  Not only are the trees changing colors but there's tension in the air, like the atmosphere is holding it's breath, waiting for things to fall into place.  Life doesn't feel as comfortable anymore for some reason.  There's a restlessness and dissatisfaction in the air and it can feel confusing.  Just like natural seasons there are spiritual seasons.  Since the beginning of the year it's been a spiritual season of new ideas, inspiration, and grace to try new things and dreams that have seemed impossible in the past have either been fulfilled or there has been a way paved towards them as never before.  It's important to pay attention and recognize what season you're in so you can take advantage of the grace released for that time.  When I talk about grace I am talking about a supernatural "flow" that makes something easier and smoother than it was before.  For a couple of years I dreamed about starting a blog, but this year I felt the ease and inspiration I needed to get it off the ground.  There may be some seasons where it is so much easier to work out, eat well and get into shape.  Then after a few months you feel much less energy and all you want to do is spend down time connecting with friends.  That is what a season change is like, suddenly what was working and flowing feels like so much more effort and the grace has switched to another aspect of life.  This is so you can grow and upgrade to a higher level in a new area!  You'll know you've switched seasons when you feel like you're swimming against the current in an area of life that was a breeze before.  That's when it's time to try some new things and find where that grace has been released elsewhere.  
I am such a "feeler" when it comes to dressing.  Whatever I wear has to "feel" right and be right where I'm at in life that day.  This outfit has some plaid for a taste of fall, but it's very transitional because I'm still holding onto summer.  Much like the upcoming spiritual season, I'm looking forward to things "fall"ing into place so I can embrace new growth and experiences to come, and fully let go of my past season.  


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