Monday, March 31, 2014

That Leather, Leopard & Lace

This is one of my favorite outfits.  Ever.  Leather and lace is always a classic look but with the leopard and sporty sneakers I feel like a street-chic badass.  
I know I've touched on this subject in a previous post, but I want to bring up the topic again.  

What you love in life is not an accident.  
It is intricately tied into your core identity and what you are designed to be and accomplish during your lifetime.  The little things you like actually matter!
For example.  I love this combination of leather, lace, leopard and sleek sneakers.  Upon dawning my metaphoric and symbolic thinking cap and assuming that I love the things I love for a meaningful reason...  I can say that I'm a person who loves some quality edginess, but not blatant riskiness, in life (leather).   I'm traditional and classy (lace), but I have an exotic side that loves to try new things, foods, travel, and learn experientially (leopard).  I'm active and athletic, but sophisticated (sneakers).  
That is just a simple example of how the things you're drawn to mirror metaphorically who you are.  I could honestly do this with anyone and anything.  I love to tell people about themselves based on their favorite movie.  Think about it.  Why do you experience that natural high when you watch your favorite film?  I can bet you it's because you identify in some way with the characters, situation, meaning, or principles and values in the movie.  Otherwise you wouldn't be drawn to it at all.  I believe that life has so much more hidden meaning than we give it credit for.  


Photos by Jenna Magill

Leather jacket: ASOS
Dress: Fire Los Angeles (Nordstrom)
Clutch: Clare Vivier
Sneakers: Nike "Thea"

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