Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Open Doors + Body Chains

I went to the local bead store last week and had a sweet lady help me make a simple body chain I've been craving.  Pairing it with an all-black outfit - sporty shorts, a crop top, different textures and jewelry layering - felt like a chic way to show off all the little details of this look.  I know these sandals are on repeat from my last blog post but I just can't help it, they go with everything and I'm loving wearing them as much as possible before the weather cools down!
So as summer comes to a close, I've noticed a great amount of shifting happening.  Quickly.  It's been trending since springtime - people moving, leadership changing and overturning...  Much more than usual it seems!  But now I'm getting the feeling that as summer ends and autumn begins, things will begin to really fall into place and solidify.  The opportunities and risks available to you might be obvious or may seem small and insignificant.  But make sure to pay attention to trends like this and keep an eye out for open doors that you should walk through in pursuit of your passions, because there are a crazy amount of openings right now for those listening to their heart's dreams.  So many changes could appear scary at first, but they are strategically positioning you for taking a step towards what you are meant to do.  It is an exciting year!

Hope you enjoy your week, thanks for reading!


Photos by Lani Gordon

Top: American Eagle Outfitters
Shorts: Forever 21
Sandals: Ivy Kirzhner
Cross body: Rebecca Minkoff
Lipstick: "Viva Glam IV" by MAC

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