Friday, January 23, 2015

La Superbe.

We've finally made it back to the San Francisco bay area!  

This is the last blog shoot I did in northern California before we left, I was all about the neutral tones with a pop of red.  I love to take a bright accessory like shoes or a handbag and pair neutral, muted tones to make it really stand out.  It's all about the little details for me.

I apologize for the delayed post, I didn't have internet until last night and have been unpacking like a maniac in the midst of starting a new job.  Overwhelming to say the least!  My husband and I just returned to Pacifica, where I'm from originally, after 5 years in northern California near Lake Shasta.  And it is so good to be back!!  Being close to our family and friends again is amazing, not to mention the culture, variety of cuisine, the cute coffee shops and ocean sunset happy hours... This place has my heart.  

I'll post a few pictures of our little apartment once we get things in order, I promise!  Most of our furniture was given to us when we first got married (and I'm so thankful for that) so we do the best we can decorating and modifying with what we have until we can invest in pieces we love.  As I'm sure most of you can relate to!

Talk about a fresh start all at once.  New jobs, new apartment, new season of life in which to figure out the new balance of what combination will help us thrive...  Onwards and upwards is how I think of it!  Without change we would miss out on so many upgrades in life.  Sure, I may feel extremely uncomfortable with all the challenges I'm facing right now, but it will all balance out and I'm making it a habit of reminding myself how much I've grown in even the last 6 months.  How am I navigating triggering situations differently compared to a year ago?  How will I choose to respond (instead of react) the next time it happens?  Asking myself questions like this keeps things in perspective and cultivates thankfulness for how far I've come, and how far I have yet to go.  No matter what problems we encounter, they are always strategic opportunities for personal growth and maturing in unconditional love.  Even if we fall on our face first time around, it's time to get back up and tackle the challenge from a different angle.

Have a lovely weekend, thanks for stropping by to read!


Photos by Lani Gordon

Sweatshirt: Madewell et Sezane
Oxfords: Zara (cute ones here!)
Crossbody: Rebecca Minkoff

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