Sunday, May 3, 2015

Give A Twirl

This dress is so fun!  For feeling like a doll, twirling and other girly activities of course.  And I loved accessorizing a dark lip and leather jacket to grunge it up a bit.  I'm loving the 70's fashion that's all the rage this spring/summer, and still holding onto some 90's edgy inspiration at the same time!

The privilege of mothering and fathering has been on my mind a lot lately.  Not just being a mother or father to your own child, but what it means to mother (in my case) someone and what that looks like.  Mothers nurture, empower, give identity, strength and life.  They have the ability to help realize potential that never would've been possible otherwise.  It takes an almost supernatural humility to pour your life into someone else, helping them step into their potential and eventually outgrow you.  All this giving and serving without any expectations of recognition or credit for your role in their success!  Now that is living life at a higher level.  I consider it an honor and privilege to be in a position to invest in others like this.  You can see hints of it in our culture.  I've been watching some old seasons of America's Next Top Model lately and it's inspiring to see Tyra Banks take everything she has learned and freely give this information and feedback to help the competing girls become better models.  Tyra genuinely cares about and takes ownership for the girls, doing what she can to bring them into their potential.  Same with the TV show The Voice - the coaches spend time teaching and imparting what they've learned and take aspiring performers under their wing to make them better.  I'm becoming more aware of opportunities to do this for others in my life!  There's always something you're better at or stronger in than someone else.  And if they want to learn and grow then why not offer your services and resources to help them get to that next level?  It is so fulfilling to make a difference in someone else's life.  When I look back, there are significant key players who mothered and fathered me, and I would not be the same person I am today without their investment in my life!  I would love to be that person for someone else.

Hope you had a great weekend everyone!

Photos by Megan Walton

Dress: Soieblu (more options here and here and here!)
Sandals: Coach (cute ones here and here)
Bucket Bag: Mansur Gavriel
Leather Jacket: Zara (love this one too!)
Lipstick: "Rebel" + "Diva" by Mac

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