Thursday, June 18, 2015

On The Fringe.

I loved throwing on this fringed wrap for that boho-chic style, and seeing as my favorite color is blue of course I embrace wearing the shade as much as possible.  Ugh.  Sometimes words and topics come to me easily to write about and other days it's nearly impossible to construct a comprehensive sentence.  Like today.  Thinking of words is like trudging through knee-deep mud.  Uphill.  In the rain... 

Oh!  But what I would like to talk about is themes in life.  Suspiciously repetitive trends you can actually identify in your life that may be holding you back from living out who you are meant to be!   One of my biggest trends is rejection.  Feeling misunderstood constantly, on the fringe, an outsider.  I cannot even count how many times I have said or done something with the best of intentions and it has been misconstrued and understood to mean something way different or completely opposite of what I intended.  Or how about the times when I find out about a get-together that many people I know went to.  And I never even knew about it until after the fact.  Or when I tell a completely objective story that I'd love to share but the person I'm telling it to perceives me to be subtly attacking  them or someone they know.  Like I'm sending some sort of hidden message.  It really is one of the worst feelings ever to feel misunderstood and have someone not assume the best about me!  I so appreciate when someone asks questions to clarify what I meant if it was in some way confusing.  But let's take other things into account.  Maybe I'm just an odd character!  Maybe I can come off as aloof and unfriendly when my natural personality is to be reserved and very loyal to those I let into my life.  Of course there are other factors at play, and I'm guilty of making mistakes and will be the first to admit that sometimes I blurt out stupid things before I think!  But I've also been around long enough to know that there is something else working overtime to shut me up and keep me isolated.  A force that's trying to keep my voice from being heard.  Because I have so much to give!  I have people to encourage, keys to release and ideas to help shift people's thinking so that they can question the status quo and access higher levels of freedom in their lives.  I'm an equipper, an empowerer and influencer.  And if I let the rejection I've experienced hold me back and turn me into someone I'm not, I would be missing out on feeling fully alive, experiencing the life I was designed to live.  Honestly, it's hard for me to share some of this publicly.  I mean what's the point of shining a spotlight on one of my biggest weaknesses?  The reason I'm bringing this up is so that a lightbulb of greater knowledge of your purpose may switch on for you.  Where the things that have repetitively happened to you that were meant for destruction can point a neon arrow towards your destiny.  Hopefully this can be a ray of vision to give your pain a purpose.  Because you are amazing.  And you have something you bring when you walk into a room that no one else can deliver in the same way that you can.  It's just a matter of pinpointing those specific strengths you carry!


Photos by Joey Brooks

Wrap scarf: Love the ones here, and here and here!
Tank: Everlane
Flares: J Brand (similar ones here and here)
Sandals: Topshop
Satchel: Rib & Hull

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