Friday, August 23, 2013


Happy Friday!  I was going to wait a few days to make this post, but realized I may not have reliable internet access until I get back to California!  And that's just too long to wait, so here it is.  
We spent a wonderful day in Estonia during our trip, it is such a beautiful and unique place.  A mish-mash of old and new (my favorite parts being the old), Estonia was held in the past during the Soviet Union rule and hasn't had much time to rebuild yet.  But I loved the mix of many eras, and Old Town Tallinn is so quaint and lovely.
It was the perfect weather to wear a tropical dress to celebrate summer coming to a close and pair it with leather pieces for the fall transition!  
This shift dress was another one of my eBay finds, I love the exotic print and versatility a piece like this  has to offer.  Throw on some sandals and you're ready for the beach, but pair it with leather and you have a chic clash of edgy with the tropics.
A classic black satchel is a necessary closet staple.  It goes with everything!
Grassland beef with tomatoes, potatoes, arugula and black currant sauce - a delicious traditional Estonian dish.

How perfect is it to spend a day walking down colorful cobblestone streets and stuffing your face with amazing food?  Love it.


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