Monday, June 16, 2014

Cami Dress

I love this cami dress.  So minimal, so chic.  And I can pair it countless ways with other accessories and never get bored!

I've been clearing my schedule lately to focus on my priorities.  Being a big introvert who only charges my battery from time spent alone in my thoughts, I find that my overachieving self packs way too many things into my weekly planner for the sake of efficiency.  And although I get many errands and projects done, most of my daily lists are full of nothing that breathes life back into me.  Life feels so much fuller and simpler when I omit the clutter and prioritize connection and enough alone time.  I've learned that knowing your needs and how to meet them is essential to thriving.  When I spend more time connecting with the people I love and at the same time balance enough time to myself, everything else falls into the background and life simplifies itself.  It doesn't mean that other things aren't important.  But there is an order to life.  One that puts connection #1 on the list of a peaceful, fulfilled and happy person.  


Photos by Suvi-Tuulia Kulmala

Dress: ASOS (similar here)
Denim shirt: LC Lauren Conrad (similar here)
Espadrilles: Vince (similar here)

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