Thursday, June 12, 2014

Petit Cheri

I have had such an itch to travel in the last month.  Ah, to experience new cultures, cuisine, architecture and scenery!  Even my clothes are reflecting this craving.

I know I'm meant to travel the world, but visiting friends in San Diego reminded me that my home is with the people I love.  I can explore countries and nations (and I will!), but the hearts of my closest friends and family is where my real home resides, wherever that may be.  

One more thing I've been pondering lately... The principle of giving.  If you need encouragement, give it away first.  If you want love, be the first to give it.  If you need finances, give where you can with what you have now.  It's really affecting me how this applies to every area of life.  It's like a flowing river that's unlocked every time I take the initiative to give, even when I feel emptiest.  I cannot tell you how many times I have doubted this law of life and it's proven to be true over and over again!


Photos by Suvi-Tuulia Kulmala

Shirt: H & M
Jacket: ASOS (similar here)

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