Monday, August 11, 2014


I can't believe that July has come and gone already... Where did that month go??  It has been so bloody hot in northern California, I've honestly hid indoors a lot of the time because being outside in 110 degree weather is so draining.
With this outfit I felt like keeping it fresh with some asymmetrical angles and a clean color palette.  I've been focusing on carefully buying versatile, quality, staple pieces instead of trendy items.  If I buy a trendy item I try to spend the least money possible on it, because I probably won't be keeping it around that long anyway!  You don't have to have money to be stylish.  Thinking long-term and about investment pieces vs. impulse buys is key.
Something that's been on my heart lately is a lack of fathers in society.  I'm talking about healthy, empowering fathers who build foundations and make decisions based on future generations.  No dad is perfect, but one thing my father taught me was to invest and think ahead, to sacrifice now so that I can reach my goals later.  Among many characteristics, a true father is one who protects, provides, invests, empowers, teaches, loves unconditionally, builds up, introduces and creates a safe environment to grow and dream bigger.  A father believes in their children more than they believe in themselves!  I am so grateful to my father who has been my #1 fan and has believed in me and seen the gold in me through my strong times and weak seasons.  I remember my dad being at every one of my soccer and softball games growing up, and if he wasn't then my mom was.  I remember him teaching me to ride a bike, play piano, dressing up and dancing with me at the father-daughter dance for Girl Scouts.  He was so kind and thoughtful.  He taught me to drive, and helped me pay for my first car.  He laughed at my stories and listened to me pour my heart out after a rough day.  My wedding day he walked me down the aisle and gave me away to my husband.  He made me feel so special, like I was the most important girl in the world.  I know many people have not grown up with such a powerful influence in their life, I meet them every day and it breaks my heart that not everyone has experienced the love of a papa.  It takes so much practice and self discipline to develop the patience and tact it takes to be a loving father.  I so appreciate those who have taken the time to sacrifice and grow in the art of being a safe foundation for the sake of others.  The world needs more of you!

Thanks for reading, I hope you are inspired this week!

Photos by Joey Brooks

Shirt: Tahari
Skort: Zara
Pumps: Charles Jourdan

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