Sunday, March 1, 2015

Spring Blue, Blue Hue

I had a fun little getaway back to Northern California earlier this week, got my fill of food fun and friends, it was lovely!  I don't know about you, but I have the tendency (as many introverts do) to enjoy my alone time so much that I forget the extent to which people make me come alive, bringing out sides of me that would never make their appearance if I was by myself.  I definitely keep connected with my friends, but I easily forget how much more often I need to be around them.  And another huge thing I feel like we all forget sometimes is the fact that people need us.  To be there, to be present, to be engaged, to be the support, encouragement and empowerment that launches those around us into who they are meant to be.  We need to show up.  Otherwise everyone else is missing out!  So those days where you feel like you have a case of the blues and would rather cozy up by yourself, remember how much others need you too, because it goes both ways.  

On a fashion note, I know it's not spring quite yet but I couldn't wait to break out my cobalt blue pumps.  I felt great after getting a beautiful balayage by Breann at Pure Bliss Salon, so pairing my blue heels with this Everlane blush tank top made me feel light and airy to go perfectly with my mood.

Well I'm off to get ready for work!  Have a wonderful Sunday.

Photos by Jenna Magill

Tank top: Everlane
Jeans: American Eagle (similar here)
Heels: Cathy Jean (cute options here and here!)
Jacket: Zara
Mini Tote: Rebecca Minkoff