Friday, April 10, 2015

April Layers

What a fun week!

I had a couple friends in town so the past few days were busy busy with sunset walks along the ocean, redwoods adventures and San Francisco shopping sprees.  This outfit was perfect for walking around shopping with my comfy chucks, lacy dress and cozy wool sweater.  

What a week though.  I've been consciously working on not bottling my feelings and recognizing how I feel in the moment and bringing it up instead of ignoring the emotions.  It's exhausting being on top of this.  My anxiety levels hike when I feel like I may be hurting someone's feelings, or even when I perceive someone to not be enjoying themselves around me.  If someone I care about is hurt or in pain I don't know how to be okay.  I feel like I need to fix it or compensate, anything to help them feel less pain.  It's the worst if I caused that pain, even if all I did was make a healthy boundary with them or be honest with how they were affecting me.  I know it probably sounds ridiculous to those of you who didn't grow up in homes that specialized in passive communication, but we all have our giants to conquer and this is one of mine!  And I have to constantly remind myself that speaking up before I bottle emotions that may turn into resentment later is a really big deal.  So is being more direct, even at the risk of hurting someone's feelings.  There's always a place for tact, timing and phrasing things, but beating around the bush and not being up front wastes a lot of time and often leaves others wondering about what you really meant, or if there's anything else you're feeling behind the scenes that you didn't share.  And I don't want anyone to feel like they're walking on eggshells around me or taking shots in the dark at what I might be thinking.  


Have a great weekend everyone, I really appreciate you reading!

Photos by Jenna Magill

Sweater: Everlane
Dress: H&M
Sneakers: Converse
Sunglasses: Warby Parker
Cross body: Rebecca Minkoff

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