Thursday, July 2, 2015

Beachy Balayage

I'm sure many ladies would say this, but I am so picky about who touches my hair.  When I moved back to the San Francisco bay area I was devastated to leave my favorite hair stylist in northern California behind (xX Breann!).  Thank God she recommended someone to me down here.  So of course I wanted to post a few hair shots to show off the beautiful balayage from my new bay area hair girl Melissa, she gave me exactly what I love!  I'm all about having those beach-blonde highlights without it looking too unnatural or contrived, building on my natural dirty blonde base.  Being a low-maintenance hair girl, I want my hair to look great for as long as possible with little to no effort.  Ha!  Thank youuuu balayage.  99% of my days I hop out of the shower, dry my hair halfway upside down and braid it until it's fully dry to give texture to my naturally fine, straight hair.    I take it out of the braid, spritz on hairspray and I'm good to go.

Summer has arrived and with it comes the bohemian dresses and sandal combos!  I like to pair contrasting items with the boho vibe, like an army jacket and studded cross body.  Mixing prints and textures is one of my favorite hobbies.  

Doing anything fun this 4th of July weekend?  I wish I could say I was going on a hot air balloon ride or camping in Yosemite but being in the service industry, there's no way I'm free 4th of July weekend.  So I'll just have to save those activities for another summer day.  Stay safe and enjoy!!


Photos by Megan Walton

Dress: Meghan LA (cute options here and here and here!)
Jacket: Pacsun (love this one by Sincerely Jules)
Sandals: Everlane
Crossbody: Rebecca Minkoff (I'm all about this one too)

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